What happens next?

What happens next?

I will meet with you, usually in the comfort of your own home, to discuss the type of ceremony you would like for your loved one – although if the next of kin live a long distance away, this can also be done via telephone or email.

We will talk about your wishes and ideas for the service, discussing music, readings and poetry or prose.

Do remember that as this is a civil ceremony, you can include just about anything you wish.

Family or friends may want to participate and I welcome and encourage those who wish to take part, to express their own sentiments and say goodbye in ways that have personal significance.

I will guide you step by step through the whole process.

Once I have gathered the information together and spent time getting to understand the life of the person who has died, I will then create a meaningful service, reflecting that life, focusing on everything that made them special and unique.

Before the day of the funeral, I will send a preliminary copy of the tribute for you to read through, ensuring that you are happy with the content.

I never deliver a service unless the content has been checked and approved by the family.

On the day, I will be there to officiate at the ceremony and to support family and/or friends who wish to participate, ensuring your loved one receives a service that is as individual as they were.