Semi-Religious Services

In our changing society, more and more people are finding themselves not associated with a Church, or find that the Church itself no longer has significance for them..
A semi-religious funeral service has some religious elements. Prayers, hymns and readings from the bible may still be included without being the focus of the service. This is ideal where the deceased person had a background of traditional religion but was not a church goer. This may also bring comfort to those who do have faith.

Non-Religious Services

You may prefer to hold a funeral service that is without mention or reference to any form of religion or afterlife. It may be that the person who has died was agnostic or atheist. However, it is also important to consider that people attending the funeral may have faith. In this case, if you feel it appropriate, a period of quiet reflection may be included within the service to allow those who do have religious beliefs to say a silent prayer.
If the service is being conducted at a crematorium, it can normally be arranged for religious symbols to be removed from the chapel prior to the start of the service.

Whatever your decision, I will be there for you and your family throughout, for support, comfort and reassurance.